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Eat Go Grow! No-Recipe Recipe

Learning to cook usually involves following a recipe. While this is important to learn, at Eat.Go.Grow! summer camp we believe that a person should also be able to cook a meal when there is no recipe. In day-to-day life, we often have to create meals out of what we already have in the fridge. For that reason, a person who only relies on recipes to cook is limited in their abilities. Unless we are making a special meal for a special occasion, we believe that a person should not have to make a special trip to the grocery store just to make a simple dinner for themselves or their family.


There are several cooking ‘essentials’ that everyone needs to know about and follow. For example, if someone is making a vegetable soup, they will need some kind of broth and likely a fried onion. These would be considered vegetable soup ‘essentials,’ and are an example of what children will learn to make at Eat.Go.Grow! The essentials for various basic meal types will be taught at Eat.Go.Grow! Learning to make meal ‘essentials’ will allow participants to be able to prepare food on their own, and not have to always rely on less nutritious and more expensive store-bought convenience foods.


The ‘non-essentials’ of a meal are up to us. For example, with vegetable soup, once the broth and fried onion are ready, anything can be used to complete the soup. It will depend on what we want to put in the soup, or what we feel like eating, but most often, what is available in the fridge. These are thus called the ‘non-essentials’.  Do you have tomatoes? Well then, make tomato soup! Do you have broccoli? Let’s make broccoli soup! Do you have a number of vegetables, let’s add them all together.  You have some mustard? Hmm…well…please let us know how that turned out!

Baking is one main exceptions to our no-recipe recipes because baking needs accurate measurements to work. For the basic baking, we need exact measured flour, baking powder, oil/softened butter, egg, and milk. With our concept of cooking (baking) skill of using whatever available, and for our pleasure and sweet treat, we can add whatever we like to our muffins. We can make it less sweet or more, plain or with fruit, with raisins or chocolate chips, having one flavour only or a mix of flavours. Or even savoury and spicy if we want. These are the non-essentials.

eat-go-grow-no recipe recipe

At the Eat.Go.Grow! summer camp, the No-Recipe Recipes ‘essentials’ will be taught for:

Soup Stir-fry
Légume Salad Grilled cheese sandwich
Salad and Vinaigrette salad dressing Pasta sauce
Muffins Smoothie and popsicle
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