About Eat Go Grow!


About Eat Go Grow! Summer Kids Camp

Who We Are

A not-for-profit group and volunteers that strives to bring Elders and youth from the local community together, in a summer day camp format. Elders will participate and pass along their accumulated wisdom to the youth members of the program.

The camp is about bringing youth and elders together in a fun and friendly environment, where they cook, play, create and laugh together. All this is done under the watchful and caring eyes of our skilled staff and volunteers of Kinsmen Lodge.

What We Do

We believe that by learning the basics of cooking, children will learn for their future not to always rely on prepackaged, convenient, processed food items that are less nutritious than meals made fresh at home.

We also believe that emphasizing play time and being physically active is important for children’s overall health.In addition, we believe that learning in the presence of older generations imparts special social skills that are not possible in peer-only groups.Acquired early, we hope that these new skills will lead to a healthier, more active lifestyle as the children become adolescents and adults.And most importantly, we hope that the children will learn that eating in a healthy and balanced way is delicious and being physically active is fun, all in the company of Elders!

Camp Details