Eat Go Grow Kids Camp


Eat Go Grow! Summer Kids Camp

Eat Go Grow! Mission

To bring together Elders and youth to a place where they can cook, eat, exercise, play, laugh and learn together to create a more vibrant local community.

How Eat Go Grow! Started

The Eat Go Grow! Summer Day Camp started out as a project at Kinsmen Lodge funded by a Federal Government program called “New Horizons for Seniors” that promotes volunteerism among seniors and other generations while engaging them in the community through the mentoring of others.

Two dietitians working at Kinsmen Lodge at the time, Christy Keillor and Claudia Lemay, initiated this project with the idea of bringing children from the community to spend time with our Elders.

This blended perfectly with Kinsmen’s Eden Philosophy of Care that strives to reduce and eliminate the three plagues that affect Elders; loneliness, helplessness and boredom.  The children attending summer camp bring their enthusiasm and joy to our Elders who, in turn, contribute through their wisdom and love.

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